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The ROS™ Rack Repair System
If you’re not already familiar with our unique and incredible racking repair system, then we’re sure you have questions to ask! Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions, together with honest answers! Take a look…
ROS (UK) Limited and DEKRA certify a maximum of two repairs per metre on each individual upright to EN15635 using the patented ROS™ method. This is despite all of the independent tests which have been carried out on the ROS™ upright repair method showing that an upright can be repaired up to five times before any material weakness is identified. A detailed damage inspection, classification and repair method written by DEKRA has therefore built in a safety factor of 150%.
Yes it can if it is classified as Amber or Green Damage. If uprights are classified as Red damage it is recommended by ROS™ and DEKRA that these locations are unloaded and taken out of use immediately. This is to ensure that you meet your health and safety obligations and user obligations in accordance with the BS EN 15635 standard.
The ROS™ racking repair system reforms damaged racking uprights to their original shape and strength using controlled hydraulic pressure and precision formed dies that are manufactured from extremely high tensile steel. For a more detailed, technical explanation, please contact us.
Yes, absolutely! Our repair process has been independently tested by many world-leading institutes (see our Accreditations page). One of these is the very same testing institute that all European racking manufacturers appoint to verify their own structural calculations to ensure compliance to the various EN standards. Not only this, but in 2011, the ROS™ repair method was officially certified by DEKRA, Europe’s largest product testing, research and certification body, to meet the British & European standard: EN 15635 ¬ The Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment. The multi-million turnover ROS™ organisation operates in all major European countries, as well as North America, carrying out approximately 150,000 upright repairs annually. It is impossible to have a network this large and successful without being able to demonstrate competence and compliance to national safety standards.
It varies, but on average a typical damaged upright would only take twenty minutes for us to repair with our patented technology. We can repair twenty uprights a day on average. Sometimes we can achieve up to 25 repairs in a day.
ROS™ generally start work within one to two weeks from receiving a purchase order from our valued customers. As high demand has increased this lead time we have had more technicians trained by DEKRA and ROS™ to maintain it at one to two weeks and will continue to do so in the future.
Typically we request that you have at least ten uprights to repair, in order for us to optimise our time and travel. However, if you have less than ten uprights to repair, please contact us. We try not to turn business away!
Absolutely! We offer unrivalled, industry-leading levels of insurance cover. We hold £10 million of Employers Liability, £5 million of Products Liability and £5 million of Public Liability insurance. This insurance cover is provided by the prestigious insurance giants Lloyds of London.
Yes! In 2011, the ROS™ patented technology was officially certified by DEKRA to meet with the hugely important European standard: EN 15635 which is also adopted by the British Standards Institute as the governing Standard for the United Kingdom. This standard is the only standard that users and suppliers of storage equipment, such as pallet racking, must conform to with regard to the inspection and maintenance of storage equipment. EN 15635 (or BS EN 15635 in the UK) replaces older “guidelines” such as those published by various trade associations in the past when the storage equipment industry was self-governing. In 2008, the storage equipment industry ceased being a self-governing industry and as such, British and European Norm standards now hold jurisdiction.
DEKRA are the largest product testing, research and certification body in Europe (third largest in the world) in the fields of Safety, Environment and Health. DEKRA is a multi-billion turnover organisation, that employs more than 30,000 people, in more than 50 countries and are dedicated to ensuring long-term safety, quality, and environmental protection. DEKRA undertake highly specialist work in a multitude of industries, ranging from automotive, aerospace, electronics and construction to Formula 1 racing. Further details about DEKRA can be found at http://www.dekra.com/en/home
All uprights repaired by ROS™ are identified each time they are repaired by a durable label with a high strength curing adhesive designating ROS™ 1 repair and ROS™ 2 repair. In addition to this, we issue a ROS™ and DEKRA completion certificate, certifying and guaranteeing the repair to EN15635. The repair certificate lists and records the uprights that were repaired and their location. This certificate is then stored on our database and also issued electronically to our customer. So, not only is there a visual identification of the upright, there are also two electronic records, which eliminates any risk of an upright being repaired more than twice (which is the maximum number of times we repair an upright under our EN 15635 certification).
Yes, due to the strict standards that we must adhere to (as stipulated by our certification), we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on the work carried out. Providing your racking is kept in good condition, is inspected and maintained in accordance with EN 15635, an upright repaired by the patented ROS™ method will never suffer from any performance reduction – guaranteed!
The EN 15635 standard stipulates that a weekly internal inspection of your racking should be conducted by the Person Responsible for Storage Equipment Safety (PRSES). In addition to this, an independent inspection should be carried out at least once annually by an external expert. In some cases, such as very large and fast moving distribution centres, inspections by an external expert should be carried out more frequently, ranging from monthly to quarterly or bi-annually.
Yes. All relevant ROS™ members of staff are certified inspectors of storage equipment. If you are interested in having a certified pallet racking inspection, please contact us.
Racking manufacturers generally make very high profit margins on selling spares including replacement uprights. For every racking upright ROS™ repair the racking manufacturers sell one less. As the ROS™ technology is patented they cannot compete by offering an identical solution and subsequently try to convince their customers to buy new uprights from them by refusing to endorse or work with ROS™.
We can sympathise with your current racking supplier and racking manufacturers, as for many years they have enjoyed supplying you with potentially expensive replacement components with little or no competition. Now that there is a much more convenient and cost-effective solution available, it is quite normal that this should concern them from a commercial and competitive perspective. However, when making your decision, just remember some important facts: our product and method is certified by Europe’s largest certification body DEKRA; it conforms to a British and European standard EN 15635; it is supported by industry-leading insurance cover, provided by one of the most prestigious insurers in the world, Lloyds of London; it is more cost effective, regularly 50% less cost than replacement; it is much quicker both on site and with short lead times; it is greener and most importantly causes much less disruption for you the customer. With so many good reasons to use the ROS™ technology, it’s not difficult to see why we are so unpopular with the racking manufacturers, is it?!
There is no catch! Gone are the days when you are forced into spending extortionate amounts of money buying replacement parts and on expensive labour, scissor lifts, forklift trucks, etc. There is now a safe, secure, environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution!

ROS™ offer a no obligation demonstration and sign off of the first repair for all orders received. If you are not fully convinced you would not be charged in any way by ROS™. We fully stand by our guarantee!
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