Rack Repair Specialists

The basic principle of the ROS Rack Repair System is simple but effective: a mould is fitted to a damaged upright before a hydraulic tool exerts controlled pressure to return the upright to its original form. The patented process is completed in a matter of minutes. Even quite severely deformed uprights can be successfully repaired using the ROS system. However, if there is a break or tear in the metal of the damaged upright, safe repair will not be possible, and the ROS technicians will always recommend replacing it in such circumstances.

The ROS Rack Repair System is portable, so it can be used in narrow passageways and difficult to access areas, as well as at height. The repair process is quick and completely safe. It is usually not necessary to unload the shelves with damage category green or category amber. This benefit alone offers significant time and cost savings to customers. The ROS Rack Repair System can be used twice on one upright before we recommend replacing it with a new one.


At ROS UK we assess damage to racking uprights using the EN 15635 traffic light system (the same system used by SEMA) to decide if repair using our system is possible or if replacement is unavoidable.

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Red Risk

This category refers to damage to racking that exceeds the values shown in the graphic above by a factor of 2 or more. This is very serious damage that requires the racking to be immediately unloaded.

The ROS Rack Repair System can safely repair a lot of ‘red risk’ damage. Our technicians will examine the damage very carefully and, if it is too severe or the metal is sheared or torn, recommend replacement.

Amber Risk

This is damage that distorts the racking by less than twice the maximum values shown in the graphic above. There is no need to unload the racking immediately, however, any unloaded racking should not be reloaded until repair or replacement has been undertaken.

The ROS Rack Repair System can fix this problem quickly, conveniently and affordably.

Green Risk

This is damage that distorts the racking by less than the values shown in the graphic above.

ROS UK offer full racking inspections as a service separate from our repair work. An inspection will ensure all ‘green risk’ damage is found and recorded.


A non-technical overview of the ROS repair process


One of our highly trained and professional teams of ROS technicians carry out an initial inspection of the damaged upright. This is to ensure that the level of damage falls within the stringent safety parameters governing the use of our patented, certified, upright repair system.


A custom, precision-engineered die is secured to the damaged upright and controlled hydraulic pressure is applied using our state-of-the-art process. The repair process works three dimensionally, to ensure correct re-profiling of the front face, side walls and corners.


After the repair process is completed, the hydraulic pressure is gradually released and the precision-engineered die is retracted. The repaired upright is then revealed, having acquired its original shape and form, with no loss of strength, fit or function. Guaranteed!